Need some help with your MatterMojo?

We provide a range of support mechanisms to help you get the answers you need.

Email Support

Email Support

The simplest way to contact us for support is to email We are always on hand and happy to help. Ensuring you receive the best possible experience when using MatterMojo is our number one priority. If you have a general question about MatterMojo you can also use our Contact form.

Integrated Support and Feedback

Integrated Support and Feedback with UserVoice

MatterMojo incorporates UserVoice allowing you contact support and provide feedback quickly and easily from inside the application. You can even choose to send us an automatic screen capture to help explain a problem or suggest an improvement.

UserVoice Widget

Access the UserVoice Widget

To send us feedback or ask for help from within MatterMojo, simply click on the UserVoice icon in the main menu next to your name. To send us a screenshot of the page you are currently on simply tick the 'Include a screenshot of this page' tick box and we will see what you see, helping us diagnose your problem or understand your suggestion easily.

You can also make an official request for a new feature by clicking on the 'Help us decide what to add next' link at the bottom of the UserVoice pop-up.

Note: Feature requests are public and visible to all.


Directly Influence the MatterMojo Roadmap

Have you got a great suggestion? Are you interested to know what other members of the MatterMojo user community have to say? You can contribute to and view a full public list of MatterMojo feature requests by visiting our UserVoice site. You can also cast your vote and comment on feature requests from other users, plus you will see responses from the MatterMojo team. To receive regular MatterMojo updates via email, please join our Registered Interest Group.

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