It's time to get your MatterMojo working!

Improve productivity and compliance. Reduce risk. Save time.


Access MatterMojo from any

MatterMojo brings you all the connectivity benefits of cloud-computing, putting client and matter data in the palm of your hand wherever you are! Access MatterMojo with any modern browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.


Get one view of all your legal matters through a simple, modern and effective user interface. The MatterMojo dashboard provides instant access to the information you need.

Client and Matter Inception

Save time by taking on new clients and matters quickly and efficiently via intuitive new business intake wizards.

Contact Management

Upload and manage all your contacts in one place. Benefit from a consolidated view of the roles people and organisations play across your client-base and matter parties.

Conflict Check

Quickly and easily leverage client and matter party information to generate detailed conflict checks and remain compliant.

Risk Assessment

Measure and assess the risk of taking on new clients and matters via a scoreboard approach and share with your colleagues.

Task Management/To-Do List

Create tasks against your matters to help manage time more effectively. Use the MatterMojo to-do list to see a consolidated view of your tasks and associated due dates.


Upload and store your documents against relevant clients and matters. Share documents from a central location across your law firm.

Office Mail App

Access client and matter data without leaving Office using the context aware Mail App in Office 365 and Outlook 2013.

Custom Screens

Define custom data intake screens and make them available to users at the global matter level, practice area level and by matter type.

Time Recording

Record matter time entries using a quick and intuitive interface. Categorise time entries using a comprehensive set of industry code sets for phase, task and activity.


Automate the creation of your MatterMojo tasks through workflow definitions, milestone definitions and task definitions.

Control which workflows are available to which matters by linking them to particular practice areas and matter types.

Systems Integration/Migration

For Enterprise customers, wishing to connect to existing systems on-premises or in the cloud, we provide bespoke integration services to ensure you can continue to use your existing investments when adopting MatterMojo.

Prefer to migrate your existing data? Our import tool and templates allow you to bring your existing clients into MatterMojo easily. For more comprehensive migrations involving matter and party data, we also offer bespoke data migration services.

Single Sign-on with Office 365

Seamless integration via single-sign with your Office 365 account, providing easy access to all the productivity features available across both products.

Link clients and matters to Office 365 Groups for enhanced collaboration across email, calendar and files.

Try MatterMojo now and take your productivity to a whole new level.